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 Here are some of the most common questions people ask related to therapy:

  • Can I use my insurance to work with you?
    Yes! I am currently paneled with Aetna and Optum insurances (including United Healthcare and Harvard Pilgrim). I am in the process of becoming paneled with BCBS of MA (Oregon residents, please note that this is likely not your plan). If I am not in network with your insurance, I am happy to provide a superbill monthly that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. If I am out of network with your insurance, I am unable to discuss or negotiate that rate with them. Please see the PAYMENT page for more information.
  • What happens in an initial consultation?
    Our consultation will be a 15 minute telephone call. During that call you can expect to share a few minutes of information about what you're hoping for and I will tell you more about my style and process. We'll discuss payment (insurance, out of network, or self pay) and we'll schedule an intake appointment if it feels like a good match. I will send you a follow up email summarizing the logistics of what we talk about and some paperwork that will need to be completed and returned prior to your intake session.
  • What types of relationship therapy do you provide?
    I am happy to work with couples or those in ENM relationships. I am also skilled in working with parents and their adult children, adult siblings, friendship relationships or parenting consultations for those with children at home. Please note that I am not providing family therapy with minor children at this time. Insurance does not generally cover relationship therapy unless the point of the therapy is to deal with one partner's mental/medical diagnosis (ex: one partner is struggling with substance use, medical infertility, etc.). For this reason, relationship therapy may require self-pay, but I am happy to discuss your situation during our consultation phone call to see if insurance pay may be an option.
  • What ages do you work with?
    I am happy to work with anyone ages 14 and up. I am also happy to work with those 13 and under if gender identity or exploration of gender is a part of the needs of the child.
  • What happens in the first therapy session?
    The first session will be a combination of paperwork and getting to know each other. We'll talk about the expectations we have for each other, like how often we will meet, communication needs, logistics around appointments, billing, etc. I'll also ask you more in depth questions about your goals for therapy, what you'd like to talk about, and some of your history. It can be hard to open up to someone new, so you're always welcome to say, "I don't feel comfortable sharing that, yet" if there is a question that you'd rather not answer. If we are meeting in person, please note that I have a second floor building that unfortunately does not have an elevator. I do have access to a room on the first floor if we need more space or if there are accessibility challenges. I will do my best to address this in our phone call, but please let me know if you are in need of any other accommodations prior to our first visit.
  • How long will therapy take?
    Probably the most frustrating of all answers: it takes as long as it takes. Sessions themselves will be just shy of an hour (generally about 55 minutes), and we'll talk about how often we will meet during our first visit. My recommendations are usually weekly visits at first while we are getting to know each other and then we can move to every other week when we agree that feels appropriate.
  • How will we build our relationship?
    There are a lot of different styles among therapists. I believe that it's hard to relate to the therapist you're working with if you don't feel some sort of human connection to them. We will spend time getting to know each other, generally through conversation around the concerns you are bringing to therapy. You are welcome to ask me questions about my practice and life, and I will do my best to either answer your question or explore with you how knowing that information will be helpful for your treatment. Your therapy is not time for me to talk about myself, but there may be pieces of my story that would help you feel more comfortable sharing pieces of yours.
  • What happens if we're not a good fit for each other?
    You deserve to feel comfortable with the person you are working with in therapy. If you feel that I am not a good fit for your needs or if I feel that my skills aren't going to provide you with the best support, we'll talk about that. I'll be happy to provide you with some names of other providers who may be a better fit for you if needed.
  • What happens if I have to cancel my appointment?
    If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. You can email me or use the contact form on this website. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, you will be charged half of the full price of the session ($90 for an individual session, $110 for a relationship session). If you do not show for the session and have not reached out to cancel prior to the start time of the session, you will be charged the full price for the session ($185 for individual sessions, $225 for a relationship session). Please note that insurance does not cover these fees.
  • What happens if I'm having a crisis?
    If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and are concerned for your safety, please contact your local crisis line or call 9-1-1. You may also choose to go to your local Emergency Department for help. The contact form on this website is not monitored 24 hours per day and is not a support for crisis. If you are feeling that you need an additional session or a session sooner than the one you have scheduled, please reach out to me and we will do our best to find a time. I have some session times saved at the beginning and end of the week specifically for this purpose.
  • What happens if I see you in the community?
    To protect your confidentiality and save you from having to answer that awkward question, "How do you know her?", I will not approach you first if I see you in the community. If you see me, please feel free to smile or say hi as feels comfortable for you. If you have a private matter you would like to discuss, please schedule a session with me or reach out via phone/email.
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